NW Tour Workshop Study Materials (complete package)

1 x Sentimental Journey (tab & MP3)

Sentimental Journey tab with practice MP3

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1 x Always (tab & MP3)

Always tab with practice MP3

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1 x Nice Strum (study guide)

The aim of this exercise is to return the strum to its basic, simple, vanilla form, to make it easier to cultivate a steady strum. If you are playing or singing a song, a busy or interesting strum can distract the listener from the song itself, especially if one tends to speed up or slow down in the course of playing a song.

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Materials for the Steven Strauss Northwest Tour Workshops. Music worksheets and practice MP3s.

Included in this package are the individual products. Buy them separately or all together in this package.

  • Nice Strum – study guide
  • Always – tab & MP3
  • Sentimental Journey – tab & MP3


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